PTO Needs a Fund-raising Chair! The school year is winding down and summer is right around the corner! At the end of the summer, when school begins, we kick off our first fund-raiser of the year! We would love to have a Fund-raising Chair in place sooner rather than later so this very important fund-raiser can run smoothly. Consider giving of your time and talent in this capacity, or to get an idea of the different types of fund-raising, social/community, and communication sub-committees we offer, please see the current listing! As a volunteer body, we are always open to new ideas if you don’t see a committee that is of interest and fills a need!

Please email Jill Goodrich if you have questions or would like to volunteer for an Executive Officer or committee position! Give Back! Be Involved! Volunteer!!!

PRM Yearbooks are Here! Yearbook purchases were given out earlier this week; check your child’s backpack if you ordered one and have not seen it yet. Contact Stephanie Vargas if you have any questions about your order. Thanks to everyone who contributed photos for the yearbook.

Due to the volume of our orders this year, approximately 30 additional yearbooks are available from this printing. The remaining lot of yearbooks are for sale in the office now on an in-person, first come, first served basis. $15 cash or check only. (Please make checks out to PRM PTO.) No books may be held.

Keep Reading This Summer! Remember, Pebblego.com and Mycapstonelibrary.com are available for student use over the summer. You can access both sites with:
Username: parkroad
Password: read
Update on the Secondary Montessori Program The Montessori Parent Advisory Group has been very busy the past couple of months, drafting a Secondary Montessori Program proposal and presenting it to the Magnet Office, who has also been visiting other Secondary Montessori Programs or “High Schools” around the country to obtain firsthand observation of how these successful programs work.

This group of parents has advised the Magnet Office to expand the current program, which includes grades 7th and 8th, to the 9th grade in the Fall of 2016 and then one additional grade each year thereafter, allowing for a full 7th-12th grade program by the Fall of 2019. This means that current 5th graders could enter the Secondary Montessori Program in Fall 2016 and complete their Montessori education through 12th grade. Current 7th graders would make up the first graduating class in 2020!

The Advisory Group and Magnet Office are working closely together to design the program staying true to the essentials of Montessori education, including the needs of the adolescent, trained teachers and staff, coursework, location, and extracurricular activities. At this time, a location has not yet been determined, but again, the plan is for the facility that houses this expanded program to meet the requirements of a Secondary Montessori Program.

Please email your representatives, Bill Aheron or Jill Goodrich, if you have any questions or concerns; or, contact the Magnet Office directly.

Summer Watering Help Needed We need help this summer watering classroom gardens, newly planted trees and community vegetable and flower gardens. Vegetables harvested during the summer will be donated to Loaves and Fishes. Email Ms. Charlotte and let her know if you might be able to help.
Bike to School on a Few More Fridays These are the last several Bicycle Fridays remaining in this school year: May 29 and June 5. Join Bethanie, Heidi, and Heather at 8:10 a.m. by the train at Freedom Park; we depart for school at 8:20 am. Bring a parent and leave your pets at home. See you there!
Join in the Field Day Fun!Thursday, June 11, is Field Day, and VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! Please email Coach Strait if you can help that day. Please allow children to wear clothes that can get wet as there will be several water stations. Each individual teacher will decide whether bathing suits are allowed. Also, pack a lunch for Field Day if possible. Lunch will be available in the cafeteria, but the lunch schedule will be off, so packed lunches will be easiest.

The field day schedule is as follows:
10-11:30 a.m.: ALL PRIMARY along with Barbara, Denene, Karen and Cynthia’s classes. The number next to your class is the station you start at. Proceed through the stations numerically.

  • Priti – Station 1
    Maggie – #2
    Jeanne – #3
    Carey – #4
    Ruth – #5
    Amber – #6
    Barbara – #7
    Denene – #8
    Karen – #9
    Cynthia – #10
  • Noon-2:00 p.m.: ALL UPPER EL along with, Ann, Anna, Jenny, Christine, Diane’s classes. The number next to your class is the station you start at. Proceed through the stations numerically.

  • Sandy – Station #1
    Curt – #2
    Ayron – #3
    Christy – #4
    Cecelia – #5
    Michelle – #6
    Ann – #7
    Anna – #8
    Jenny – #9
    Christine – #10
    Diane – #11
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