Get Your Upper El Supply Box for Fall!

Parents! The school store is purchasing Upper El supply packets once again for the upcoming school year. Upper elementary students will receive the items, put them together, and deliver them straight to your teacher.

It’s a great experience for the students, and no more running around for you! If you order now, you can get your student’s box for just $50. (Full price is $55.) Click here to pre-order your student’s supplies today!

Keep Your Address Updated

Have you moved recently, or do you plan to move over the summer? It’s very important that you keep the school Office up to date if there is a change of address. It will affect your child’s transportation (if applicable) and will enable you to get the summer mailing on time. If you have a change, you will need to present two different kinds of documents as proof of address, and submit them with this form. Should you move after June 8, you can still turn the information in during the summer break to Ms. Nyckea, our 12-month secretary.

Stock Up on Autobell Tickets

Ready to clean off the last of the pollen and help fund our school’s Mountain Trail experience at the same time? Click here to buy Autobell tickets. We’ll deliver them to the classroom listed.

Attendance Guidelines for Fall

From Ms. Melanie: Parents, we know you will soon begin making plans for your children’s activities for next fall. Please be reminded of these school guidelines:
Only four unexcused late arrivals (after 9:15 a.m.)/early dismissals (before 4:15 p.m.) are allowed each quarter.
Sports, dance lessons, tutoring sessions, etc. are not considered excused activities.
Medical appointments are excused, and recurring appointments (therapy sessions, for example) are excused, with documentation.

Montessori Alternative Learning Support Group
Connect with parents of kids struggling with alternative learning styles (ADHD, ADD, Sensory, Speech, Anxiety, Executive Functioning, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia). This parent-formed group is open to all parents with a diagnosed child or families just beginning the journey.

This is a positive, non-judging support group formed to promote networking and share how we manage everyday challenges. Want to hear other families stories or discuss treatments? Please join our Facebook group (privacy level: secret) by emailing Michelle Miller. A Facebook poll will be utilized to determine convenient meeting times and places.

Strategy Gaming Summer Camps
Strategy Gaming Summer Camps are face-to-face (not electronic) strategy games, all day, every day. We’ve offered the camps every summer at Park Road for 13 years. For kids who love to be challenged, and to think while they play, these are the best thing ever. The camps are for boys and girls ages 8-18, and beginners are welcome, as long as they love a challenge, and love to game. Those who don’t have their own game gear will be given all they need to get started. We play all different kinds, from social games like Exploding Kittens, to more competitive, tournament type games, like Magic: The Gathering, and right in between, like Settlers of Catan. We encourage higher level thinking skills in ever changing environments; friendly competition in a cooperative environment; and learning to figure out the best possible line in a sea of variables, in order to maximize expected value. In short, we teach life skills, disguised as games.

We’ll be running 5 weeks at the school: 6/18, 6/25, 7/9, 7/16 and 7/23. A combined Chess/Strategy Gaming Camp will be held at Park Road Baptist Church the week after school’s out, June 11. Dates, hours and rates are here, or email curtfrueh@gmail.com.

Learn About Volunteer Options via Text
We need you!! Get a text when a new volunteer opportunity is available.

To receive text notifications from PRM PTO Volunteers via Remind.com, text the message @3edf4k to the number 81010. We will let you know when a sign-up is available for events such as Book Fair, Teacher Appreciation and much more. Join Us!