Peace Celebration / Gardening Day

Earth Day: A Celebration of Peace April 26th Peace Dove 2015Please be sure to mark your calendar for our Earth Day celebrations on April 26th. Our annual celebration will begin at 9:30 by the Cedar tree in the carpool circle.

Following the ceremony parents can join in helping classes in their community garden or join our wonderful and hard-working Ms. Charlotte to help with some of the larger projects on campus.

Stay tuned for weather updates, as Friday’s forecast doesn’t look promising.

We hope you’ll join us! Take a look at a recent event:

General Information

We gather on our front lawn for a short ceremony to celebrate Earth Day. We invite all who want to join in this special occasion and welcome the media to cover our peaceful celebration.

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After our ceremony, children will return to class and begin gardening around the classroom. Mrs. Charlotte is a wealth of knowledge in help determining a weed from a valuable plant. She may also have larger projects needing a few additional parents. We encourage parents and other family members to help pitch in to help beautify our grounds.

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