Your PTO Dollars at Work

Thank You for a Great Gardening Day

A huge thank-you to all of the parent volunteers, students, teachers and staff members who made our Earth Day celebration and Gardening Day, led by Ms. Charlotte, a success!

Your PTO dollars were at work throughout the week, providing Ms. Tricia with a one-week residency and supplies to work with many of our students on the new murals for the storage and gardening sheds along with funding the materials used to build the new gaga ball pit on the field. Coach Strait, Bill Platt and Scott Moulton worked well into the evening to install the new game pit.

Check out their work next Thursday when you come for International Spring Picnic!

Your PTO Funds at Work: Number Drummer Visits PRM!

Recently, Troy Kryzalka, the Number Drummer, visited Park Road, delivering an incredible integrated math and music learning experience to our kids. The entire auditorium came alive with music and math! Watch Band Prep working with the Number Drummer on rhythm, accuracy, team work, fractions, ratios, and more!

Special thanks to Ms. Candace for arranging this opportunity for the school!