Order Your Yearbook: Deadline This Friday!IT’S THAT TIME! 2020-2021 PRM yearbooks are now available for pre-order.  Please follow the link below to purchase your yearbook via PayPal.

The cost is $15, and they are available to order NOW THROUGH THIS FRIDAY, MAY 7. You must pre-order to guarantee a book. Extras are NOT always available for sale after distribution. You will provide your child’s name, teacher name and your home shipping address before you pay online. Yearbooks will be delivered directly to the address provided, if they do not arrive before the end of the year. Don’t miss the deadline!

Remember that we still need YOUR photos to make our yearbook a success for this unique year! Submitting your photos from remote learning is quick and easy! Click here and upload photos by category — from individual classes to music to PEACE Day. You can even access the website for uploading on your phone.

Reach out to prmyearbook@gmail.com with any questions.

Reminder: 5-Day Week for In Person StudentsAs a reminder, we return to 5 days a week for in person students beginning next week (May 10).

This schedule will continue through the end of the year for in person students.

National Teacher Appreciation WeekThis week is National Teacher Appreciation Week! Let’s shower our teachers with cards, flowers, art, and other meaningful displays of gratitude. Don’t forget assistants, special area teachers, facilitators and other staff that your child interacts with too!

In keeping with Montessori tradition, please let your children make these items instead of purchasing them. Below are some ideas:

  • Make a card (your child can include their favorite lesson or memory from this year)
  • Cut some flowers from your home garden
  • Grab a fun treat from their Favorite Things list
  • Hand-make a craft or art piece

Our PRM Staff Appreciation Week begins 5/17, where our PTO will make sure our teachers are shown lots of love with visits from a coffee truck, King of Pops, boxed lunches and other fun goodies. In the meantime, we want to make sure that they’re hearing from their students. Thank you for showing our teachers and staff the adoration they deserve!

We also have one more month to show our continued support with our staff snack cart! The Amazon wishlist has been refreshed with new ideas and inspiration, but you can also send any grocery store items (especially fresh fruit options and beverages).

Please direct any questions to Julie Smith.

Face Coverings UpdateThe NCDHHS has updated the StrongSchools NC Public Health Toolkit (“toolkit”), which is the official document that outlines COVID-19 safety protocols that apply to public schools in North Carolina. The revised guidance continues to require that face coverings be worn at all times while indoors at schools or school facilities, subject to limited exceptions.

However, the use of face coverings while outdoors is no longer required. Effective May 6, CMS will adopt this new guidance, and students, staff and visitors will no longer be required to wear a face covering when outdoors on school property. Students and staff are encouraged to continue to maintain 6 feet of physical distance whenever possible.

Students or staff may continue to wear face coverings outdoors if they are more comfortable doing so. The use of face coverings outdoors is encouraged for unvaccinated individuals who cannot maintain at least six feet of distance from others. Disposable masks should be made available at building entrances in case someone misplaces or drops a face covering while outside. The toolkit also strongly encourages the use of face coverings outdoors when individuals are gathering in large numbers in crowded or dense spaces. The most up-to-date toolkit may be accessed here.

Help Build the Memorial Sanctuary at PRM!The Memorial Sanctuary memory rock project is complete. The memorial rocks are in our PRM front yard where we plan to build The Memorial Sanctuary. Our students colored rocks and named the special person or pet they wish to memorialize with it. It is apparent how much love and careful design from our students went into this rock project! Many thanks to Ms. Tricia and to our teachers for helping students to understand what memorial means and for supporting this project.

Here are ways you can support The Memorial Sanctuary Project:

  • Join The Memorial Sanctuary Facebook Group and/or Instagram Page.
  • Paint a Memorial Rock to put in the Peace Garden at Park Road Montessori.
  • Drop a shirt (labeled with name and contact info) in the Memorial Sanctuary box on the front porch of PRM to have it screen printed with our shirt design for this project.
  • Donate on the Wix website.
  • Engrave a paver with a quote, name or memorial on the Wix website.

Please contact our Memorial Sanctuary committee with any questions.

2021-2022 PTO Executive Board OpeningAre you able to donate your time to our amazing school community? The PTO Board works together each year to coordinate our major school fundraisers, produce this weekly eBulletin, execute all of our favorite school events, and much more. The board appreciates that our volunteers incorporate these responsibilities into their already busy schedules. These positions offer flexible time-commitment and schedules to match your availability, while also offering a wonderful way to stay involved with our school community and connect with other PRM parents and families.

For the upcoming school year, we have an opening for the following position:

  • Communications Chair

If you have questions, would like more information, or are interested in this important role, please contact Darci Galvin.

Summer Gaming Camp is Back!Ready for a break from screen time? Stratagemics will be offering Strategy Gaming Summer Camps at Park Road Montessori for it’s 15th summer. The camps begin June 7, and run weekly through the week of July 12. The Stratagemics website has a full description with specific camp dates.

PRM students get a discount, and a portion of proceeds goes to our PTO. Both boys and girls are welcome, ages 8-18. Come join the legion of kids who have loved attending this camp! See the Stratagemics website or email Mr. Curt for more information.

Please do not send applications/payment to school or place in the lobby PTO box. Thank you!

Note: Photo from summer 2019

Parent Input for Student Classroom Placement: Grades 1 and 4 From Ms. Melanie: One of the most important tasks this time of year is generating class lists for student placement for the next school year. It is a task that I take very seriously, focusing on the creation of balanced, well matched learning environments. In doing so my promise to you is that each child at Park Road Montessori is treated as an individual. Input from teachers, specialists, and parents is highly considered and appreciated when given.

As class lists come together, I will continue to check and recheck each, forming classrooms that contain a balance in gender, academics, learning style, and temperament. I genuinely encourage any interested parent to provide input about their child to assist me in a successful classroom placement. The staff and I ask that parents focus on their student’s learning styles, abilities, and personality; not on the recommendation for a specific teacher request. In honoring the placement process, recommendations for a specific teacher by name will not be accommodated.

For your information, you will be notified of the teacher assignment in August, 2021 by mail. Student placement is perhaps ones of the most important tasks that we perform each and every spring. Numerous hours are spent carefully placing each child. Teacher teams, along with administration meet to create the upcoming year’s placement lists. In doing so each child is considered individually, focusing on the academic and social health of the children and the classroom. Parent input is consistently added and referred to.

Please complete the input form by Friday, May 7, 2021.

Parent Input for Student Classroom Placement: Grades 1 and 4Hello again! We took a “spring break” in April from the Nurture Trail, but we’ve got one last entry to share before this unforgettable year comes to a close. We’d love to hear your feedback about our section of the e-bulletin. Was it useful? Would you like to see this in next year’s e-bulletin? What suggestions do you have for us moving forward? Please email your thoughts to Kae or Betsy!

The Executive Director of Student Wellness and Academic Support for CMS recently provided us with a FREE resource from Mecklenburg County for families seeking additional social/emotional support for their child(ren) during the pandemic. The programs take place remotely and outside of school hours. SYDKYML serves K-8, while SPARC network will support high school aged youth. Parents may enroll their children directly in either program. For additional information, please contact the providers directly.

It is an unfortunate reality that young children are often exposed to violence before parents intend or are ready for it to happen. Violence associated with racial injustice and inequality has dominated the news over the past year, and young children may have questions and worries about the pieces of information they’ve accumulated through various sources. Discussing this topic with young ones is difficult and delicate, but addressing their emotions is essential. This infographic, created by The National Association of School Psychologists, provides guidance for parents and educators as they navigate these discussions with children.

Testing time has returned! Love it or loathe it-reactions vary and can sometimes prove challenging to address. This article suggests several things that parents can do to help test days go as smoothly as possible. Noticing some nerves? A little of that is normal and actually improves performance, but too much can have the opposite effect. Here are some ways to address those worries at home.

Sun, sand, surf… summer!!! One advantage of summer is the ability to spend a little more time with your kids. One of the most important things parents can do while spending time with them is to listen effectively. This advice provides some suggestions for improving active listening, and this summer may be just the time to hone your skills. It’s been a tough year, and they’ve probably got a lot to process and to anticipate in the fall. YOU are the person that they want to share with the most!

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month. One of our favorite aspects of Montessori education is the emphasis on learning about other cultures and celebrating their unique contributions to our world. The more we learn about cultures, the richer our experiences, the greater our understanding, and the better chance we have of establishing peace on our shared planet.

Our last day for office hours was Wednesday, April 28. Please email at any time with questions or concerns through the end of the year. We wish you a safe, happy, healthy, amazing summer! We’ll see you in the fall!

Betsy and Kae

EOG Testing Dates EOG testing dates have been announced. As a reminder, all EOG tests will be administered at PRM. Look for more information from your classroom teacher.

May 12: Reading (All Grades)

May 14: Math (All Grades)

May 19: Science (5th Grade Only)

May 20: EOG Reading Retest (Select 3rd Graders Only)

May 26: RTA Test (Select 3rd Graders Only)

Change of Address Have you moved since the end of last school year and forgot to tell the office? Do you plan on moving over this summer?

If your address has changed, or will change over this summer, please let the office know as soon as possible. It will impact you receiving important summer mailing and will also impact your child’s transportation route, if eligible. You can find the required documentation and the address change form here.

Autobell Gift Cards Available We know a lot of families have missed our Upper El AutoBell fundraiser so we are offering a limited amount of cards.

Buy a $20 Autobell gift card to use for your choice of wash at any of the 55 Autobell locations. PRM receives 50% of the purchase price, and the PTO will send the gift card via mail to the address you provide when purchased. This is an excellent way to support our local businesses and our school community!

Reminder: Complete Online Symptoms Screener As a reminder, the online screener must be completed by 8:15 each morning for all children who come to school in person. Bus riders must also turn in the paper attestation form to the bus driver each week. A temperature check will occur each morning upon arrival and students must wear a mask/face covering at all times. Please reach out to the school with any questions that you have.

Bus Attestation Form

Online Symptoms Screener

Need Technology Help? The PRM Virtual Learning Guide has everything you need for virtual learning and provides assistance with frequently asked questions and troubleshooting. Ms. Melissa compiled this comprehensive list of guides, videos, step-by-step directions, and more. Topics covered include:

  • Canvas
  • Google
  • Read&Write for Google Chrome
  • NCEdCloud and Clever
  • Zoom
  • ONE Access and NCWiseOwl for research
  • Sora for eBooks
  • PRM library books
  • …even brain break ideas!

For quick reference, be sure to bookmark or print this document here. If you’re still having trouble with devices, logging into Canvas, or any other tech related issues, please contact Melissa Toner for assistance.

Resources for Online Research Be sure to check out the PRM Online Research Guide with step-by-step instructions for searching the databases in ONE Access and NCWiseOwl.

Please encourage your children to use these safe and appropriate databases when researching, rather than searching on Google or Wikipedia.