Car-Pool Spots – Silent Auction and Raffle

Have you ever calculated how many hours a week you spend sitting in a carpool line? Well, DON’T miss your chance to pass go and move straight to the front of the line! If you are a winner, you simply arrive before 4 p.m., pull right up to the designated front spots and wait (much, much!) shorter time for your child(ren).

The Upper El 6th graders are sponsoring this fundraiser, which provides you the opportunity to win reserved spaces at the front of the car rider line. There are four available spots and two ways to win!

  • Want to play the odds? Then join the SILENT AUCTION on March 30th, from 6:30-7:30 pm, in order for a chance to win the other two spots! CLICK THIS LINK TO BID .  To participate in the online auction you will need to create an account in advance (it only takes two minutes, we promise). No extended bidding will take place for this auction. Enjoy the fun and keep an eye on our auction website, where you will be able to see the bids live. You can win by outbidding the highest bid on the site.