Car-Pool Reminders

Thank you for following our school car-pool rules. We want our children, our staff, and our parents to be safe while in car pool, and to show Grace and Courtesy to one another.

Please remember:

  • Only enter the car pool line from Reece Road and take your place at the end of the line. The line cannot be entered from Haven Drive. Do not make a left from Haven Drive and try to cut the line.
  • No one should be entering the car pool line from the Park Road Shopping Center parking lot. PRM cars are not allowed in the parking lot.
  • When you drop off/pick up your child, staff cannot reach in to unbuckle or buckle your child.
  • Children need to be ready to get out of the car quickly. Goodbyes should have been said and cars need to move on. If you are picking up your child, please be ready to pull away as soon as the car in front of you begins to pull away. If your child needs help with the seat belt, please pull up into the parking lot in order to provide assistance. Parents should never have a reason to get out of the car.
  • Also, please refrain from talking or texting on your cell phone while in the car pool line. Again, that is a safety issue.
  • We always want to be good neighbors. Residents need to be able to travel down Reece Road even during car pool hours.