Event Day

Park Road Montessori Marathon 2018 - March 28SofiaAlexThe Montessori Marathon will take place on Thursday, March 28! Come on by and cheer on your student, while supporting our school! Check out the Race Day Schedule!

For families new to Park Road, here’s an outline of the event: Your child’s class will be escorted to the field. They will have a few minutes of stretching and warming up. Coach Strait will greet each class and direct them to a ring of cones. He will start them off, and they will run to fun music and lots of cheering. We will have lap counters on hand.

As your child makes their way around the circle, they will get a colored paint dot on their arms with non-toxic washable paint. Hopefully, they will look like a beautiful work of art at the end of their run. This is super fun for the children, and they do get quite competitive. After their run time is finished, they will head to the refreshment area. The classs will hang out for a bit, catch their breath, take a few class photos, and then head back to class.