PRM Favorite Things 2022-23

We’ve asked our PRM staff to share their favorite things below, so that we can all easily find the perfect gift or way to say “thank you!”  The list is organized alphabetically by first name.  You can also click a letter below to quickly take you to the names in that section.

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Alexandra Whelan – Primary TA
Birthday: June 4th
Color: Yellow
Candy: Altoids
Mint: Sugar free
Gum: n/a
Fast food: KFC, Chick-fil-A
Dining: Copper, O-Ku Sushi, Que Onda
Store: Lowe’s, Michael’s, Amazon
Coffee: Organic breakfast blends, cream, no sugar
Flavor: Lavender, curry, garlic, mushrooms, stinky cheeses
Tea: Herbal, ginger or Green Tea
Wine: Prosecco, Malbec
Hobbies: Running, hiking, gardening, reading, travel, nutrition
Movie theatre: Don’t go much
Charity: National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Safe Alliance to support victims of domestic abuse
Special dietary needs: none

Ally Boddicker – Lower El Teacher
Birthday: March 26
Color: Purple
Candy: Fruity candy
Mint: N/A
Gum: Spearmint
Fast Food: –
Dining: Sabor, Amelie’s
Department Store: Target
Coffee: Starbucks
Tea: none
Wine: Prosecco
Hobbies: Yoga
Collections: Anything Clemson
Movie Theater: Cinemark
Charity: Anything with animals
Special dietary needs: none
Other Favorites: Clemson!! Books & Plants


Amanda Long – Primary Teacher
Birthday: Oct. 15
Color: All
Candy: Chocolate (dark no nuts…)
Mint: N/A
Gum: N/A
Fast Food: Subway, Yafo, Moe’s, McAllister’s, Salsarita’s
Dining: Dish, Hawthorne’s, Bean, Oh My Soul, Cabo Fish Taco, California Pizza Kitchen
Department Store: Target
Coffee: Yes! low sugar
Tea: All
Wine: Red, white – dry
Hobbies: Dogs, movies, yoga
Collections: None
Movie Theater: AMC or Regal
Charity: ASPCA, Humane Society, WWF
Special dietary needs: Vegan
Other Favorites: Plants, animals


Amber Elder – Primary Teacher
Birthday:  February 2
Color: Purple or blue
Candy: Chocolate
Mint: Peppermint
Gum:  Peppermint
Fast Food: Chipotle or Bruegger’s
Dining: Anything – it is fun to try new places
Department Store: J. Crew Mercantile, Target
Coffee: None
Tea: Anything decaf
Wine: None
Hobbies: None
Collections: None
Movie theater: Regal or AMC
Charity: ThyCa, Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s Association or North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue
Special dietary needs: Vegetarian


Amy Beverly – Cafeteria Manager
Birthday: Oct 4
Color: green and pink
Candy: reeses, snickers
Dining: Chick Fil A
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: book store, Belks
Coffee/Tea: Coffee !!!!!
Wine/Beer: whisky
Hobbies/Collections: reading, gardening
Charity: cookies for kids cancer
Special Dietary Needs: No


Ann Palin – Lower El Teacher
Birthday: Feb. 2
Color: Purple, blue, aqua Candy: chocolate
Mint: Any
Fast Food: Any Starbucks Sir Eds
Department Store: Amazon, Target
Coffee: Starbucks–skim latte 🙂
Wine: Any white and red 🙂
Hobbies: Reading, running
Movie Theater: Regal
Charity: Any children’s charity Special
Dietary Needs: nope


Anna Hurdle – Lower El Teacher
Birthday: Jan. 21
Color: Love any color
Fast Food: Chipotle
Dining: Any place that is vegan friendly. Luna’s , Fern
Dept. Store: Target
Coffee: Dark roasts Tea: Chai, earl grey
Wine: Yes. 🙂 dry reds and whites
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, yoga
Collections: Scarves
Movie Theater: Manor
Charity: PRM :$
Special Dietary Needs: Vegan Misc.
Comments: Thank you!!


Ashley  Carney – Primary TA
Birthday: March 31
Color: Black
Candy: Any combination of chocolate & PB
Mint: N/A
Gum: N/A
Fast Food: Viva Chicken, Which Wich
Dining: Soul Gastrolounge, Hawkers, Superica
Store: Goodwill, Costco, Target
Coffee: Yes – non dairy creamer
Tea: Green matcha, earl grey, chai
Wine: No thanks
Hobbies: Running, hiking, adventures outdoors
Collections: None
Movie Theater: No thanks
Charity:, 100 Black Men of Charlotte, Black Girls Run
Special dietary needs: Vegetarian, no alcohol
Comments: THANK YOU!!


Ashley Simpson – Primary TA
Birthday: Dec 3
Color: Pink/white
Candy: Reese’s
Dining: Chick Fil A
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: J Crew
Coffee/Tea: English breakfast tea by Tetley
Wine/Beer: Truly seltzer
Hobbies/Collections: Working out
Charity: Ronald McDonald House
Special Dietary Needs: No


Ashlie Leonard – MTSS Interventionist
Birthday:  March 18
Color: Purple or Green
Candy/Gum/Mint: Chocolate (candy), Any flavor (sugar-free gum)
Dining: Carburritos, Chopt, Chipolte, Chick-Fil-A, Mellow Mushroom
Tea/Coffee: Bold roast blend of coffee; I frequent 77 Grounds, Summit, or Starbucks
Wine/Beer: Red wine (Chianti or Bordeaux), Yeungling or Corona, Vodka
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Any local shops up in the town of Davidson where I live, Anthropologie, Trader Joes, Target, I’m thankful for anything honestly. : )
Hobbies: Art (painting or embroidery), hiking, camping, street biking, kayaking, paddleboarding, live music, museums;
Collections: vinyl records, kitchen items
Charity: Meals on Wheels
Dietary Restrictions: Strawberry allergy, Can’t have ice cream or milk but any other dairy is okay



Barbara Dyer – Financial Secretary
Birthday: January 12th
Color: Turquoise & magenta
Candy: Dark chocolate w/nuts
Mint: Peppermint
Gum: N/A
Fast Food: Moe’s, Bruegger’s
Dining: Trio, Local chefs/restaurants
Store: Pier 1, World Market, Target
Coffee: Medium roast, K-Cups
Tea: Sleepy Time Herbal
Wine: White (nothing sweet)
Hobbies: Gardening
Collections: N/A
Movie Theater: Manor Theater Phillips Place, Park Rd. Theater
Charity: Parkinson’s Research
Special Dietary: N/A
Other Favorites: Panther’s football, the beach, sailing, hiking


Bethanie Johnson – Lower El Teaching Assistant
Birthday: April 10
Colors: Green and blue
Candy:  Chocolate
Mint: Andes
Gum: None
Fast Food: Sabor
Dining: Ru Sons
Department Store: Target
Coffee: Coffee (drinks) from Starbucks, coffee from TJ’s
Tea: Stash Chai
Wine: Fall/winter any red; Spring/summer Pinot, rose, prosecco
Hobbies: Cycling, reading, art
Collections: None
Movie theater: Manor
Charity: Crisis Assistance/ Room in the Inn
Special dietary needs: Vegetarian/pescatarian
Other Favorites: Bookstores. paper skyscraper
I do Not like: Pumpkin spice anything


Betsy Harvey – Counselor
Birthday: May 28th
Color: Aqua, Purple
Candy: Dark Chocolate
Dining: Yafo, Sabor, Crisp, Cava, Chopt, Chick Fil A
Coffee: No
Stores: Anthropologie, Marshalls
Tea: Iced and hot tea
Wine: Cab Sav or Prosecco, Craft beers
Hobbies: Exercise, Running, Reading, Decorating, Playing/Watching sports with my boys
Wine: Red or Sparkling
Charity: St. Jude’s
Special Dietary Needs: –


Brittany Miller – Primary Teacher
Birthday:  December 27th
Color: Light Blue (Carolina blue)
Candy: Dark Chocolate
Fast Food: Chick-fil-a
Dining: Sushi!!
Department Store: Amazon, Target
Coffee: No thank you
Tea: Bubble Tea, fruit teas, green tea
Wine: Sweet wine and Gin (no beer)
Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, crafting, travel
Collections or Hobbies: Hiking, reading (book collection), cooking
Charity: ASPCA, Ronald McDonald House
Special Dietary needs: Garlic intolerance


Carey Montgomery – Primary Teacher
Birthday: May 5
Color: All colors
Candy: Junior Mints
Fast Food: Chick-Fil-A
Dining: Portofinos
Department Store: J.Jill
Coffee: No thank you
Tea: English breakfast
Wine: Rose
Hobbies or Collections: Yoga and Books
Charity: The Fletcher School
Special Dietary Needs: No nuts
Other Favorites: Pizza
I do not like: Nuts or coconut


Carter Herndon – Primary Teaching Assistant
Birthday: –
Color: Green
Candy: Jelly beans
Gum: Orbit
Fast Food: Chick-Fil-A
Dining: Ru San’s
Coffee: Yes
Store: Anthropologie
Flavor: Vanilla, Cinnamon
Tea: No
Hobbies: Running, Sewing
Charity: No Kid Hungry
Other Favorites: Dark Chocolate


Cecelia McGloughlin – Upper El Teacher
Birthday: Dec. 29
Color: Teal
Candy/Mint: Spearmint
Fast Food: Panera Bread
Favorite place to shop/receive a gift card: Grocery stores – Harris Teeter, Trader Joes, Aldi,
Coffee or Tea: None
Wine: Malbec, Cabernet
Hobbies: Gardening
Charity: St Joseph College Seminary
Special dietary needs: None
Other Favorites: Book Stores!!


Christina Garay Lohry – Upper El Teacher
Birthday: July 4
Color: french blue
Candy: dark chocolate
Dining: asian
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Bag Lady
Coffee/Tea: green
Wine/Beer: saki
Hobbies/Collections: gardening
Charity: women of power (
Special Dietary Needs: no


Christine Shauger – Primary Assistant
Birthday: March
Color: Blue
Candy/Mint: Junior Mints, Dark Chocolate
Fast Food/Dining: Sushi, Indian, Thai, Salads
Favorite place to shop/receive a gift card: Locally Owned Businesses, Target, Barnes & Noble, Trader Joe’s
Coffee or Tea: French Roast Coffee, Black Tea
Wine: Red Wine, Vodka
Hobbies: Gardening
Charity: Cat Smart Coalition, Time Out Youth
Special dietary needs: No Yogurt or Cherries


Christy Geiger – Upper El Teacher
Birthday: May 1
Color: Rainbow (purple)
Candy/Mint/Gum: Cinnamon
Fast Food/Dining: Viva Chicken
Department Store: Lush
Coffee: Vanilla Latte
Wine: Riesling
Hobbies: Knitting, Reading
Collections: Yarn
Place to Shop/Receive a Gift Card: Lush
Charity: Alzheimers
I do not like: Onions


Cindy Noble – Primary TA
Birthday: May 24
Color: Blues
Candy: Milk Chocolates and York Peppermint Patties
Dining: Chick-fil-A, Po Boys Low Country Seafood, Boardwalk Billy’s
Coffee: Regular coffee, Magnolia Coffee Company is the bomb
Wine: Red wine, Pino noirs, Dave Matthews has a winery
Place to Get a Gift Card: Target and Aldi
Hobbies/Collections: Snow globes, anything Dave Matthews related, ” Firedancer”
Charity: Charlotte Humane Society


Cindy Noon – Lower El TA
Birthday: Feb 11
Color: orange and yellow
Candy: Baby Ruth or Milk Duds/Trident peppermint
Dining: Greco Fresh/Panera
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Amazon
Coffee/Tea: Both-Hazelnut coffee, Earl Gray or Spearmint Tea
Wine/Beer: White wine/Pumpkin ales or OMB Copper
Hobbies/Collections: Reading and Baking
Charity: Compassion International/Operation Christmas Child
Special Dietary Needs: None


Christina Garay Lohry – Upper El Teacher
Birthday: July 4
Color: french blue
Candy: dark chocolate
Dining: asian
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Bag Lady
Coffee/Tea: green
Wine/Beer: saki
Hobbies/Collections: gardening
Charity: women of power (
Special Dietary Needs: no


Corey Nutting – Upper El Teacher
Birthday: Jan 6
Color: green / red
Candy: mint/spearmint
Dining: Chick Fil A would be used
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Lowes
Coffee/Tea: Iced with cream and sugar
Wine/Beer: Miller Lite / Pinot Grigio
Hobbies/Collections: Baseball Hats, I’ve got a list of places I’ve been but didn’t get a hat
Charity: Cancer or Diabetes
Special Dietary Needs: None


Curt Frueh – Upper El Teacher
Birthday: Oct 26
Color: All
Candy/Mint/Gum: No, thank you.
Dining: Pasta and Provisions
Department Store: Amazon
Coffee: Dark roast Starbucks
Tea: No, thank you.
Wine: Reds preferred
Hobbies: Strategy Gaming, technology
Charity: PRM PTO
Special Dietary Needs: No carrots, apples, or sugar


Cynthia Stone – Lower El Teacher
Birthday: Feb. 7 Color: blue
Candy: Non-dairy dark chocolate
Mint: Sugar free
Gum: Sugar free Fast Food: N/A
Dining: Anyplace offering gluten/dairy free options
Department Store: Amazon Coffee: black!
Tea: Green
Wine: Red
Hobbies: Photography, history studies, reading, music, cooking, road trips
Collections: N/A Movie theater: Regal
Charity: United Family Services Shelter for Battered Women Address: PO Box 220312 Charlotte, NC 28222.
Special dietary needs: Soy, gluten and dairy free (makes my cooking hobby more challenging!)



Danielle Friedl – Lower El TA
Birthday: Nov. 25
Color: Purple and Royal Blue
Candy: Reese’s, Airheads, Sweetarts, Hershey with almonds (no gum)
Fast Food/Dining: Chick fil A, Chilis, TGIF, Viva Chicken
Department Store: Amazon
Coffee: Starbucks (cinnamon dulce latte with whipped cream – iced or hot depending on the weather)
Tea: Do not drink tea
Wine: Bud Light, Rum
Hobbies: Doctor Who, Cross stitch, Crochet, Disney, Friends (tv show), Star Wars, Harry Potter
Charity: Breast Cancer Awareness
Special Dietary Needs: Allergic to aloe and most fruit (I can eat bananas, pineapple, and citrus)


David Michael Adams – Psychologist
Birthday: Nov 15
Color: Black
Candy: M&Ms
Dining: Japanese food
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Amazon, Target
Coffee/Tea: n/a
Wine/Beer: n/a
Hobbies/Collections: Sports, reading, video games
Charity: Safe Animal Haven Matthews
Special Dietary Needs: n/a


Deanna Sullivan – Lower El TA
Birthday: Dec 21
Color: Green, Teal
Candy: Toffee, M&Ms, Dark Choc Almonds; Any mints, Spearmint gum
Fast Food/Dining: Panera, Chick fil a, Chopt/ 131 Main, Viva Chicken, Red Rocks Cafe. Love trying new restaurants around town, all cuisines.
Store: Nordstrom Rack, Athleta, Dillards, Audible
Tea: Green tea or herbal tea, Matcha latte with oatmilk
Wine: Red wine – Cab or Pinot
Hobbies: Photography, Traveling, Pottery collection of mugs, bowls
Charity: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Special Dietary Needs: No Dairy. Gluten and egg sensitivity. I can handle in small doses, like in a dessert serving.


Debbie Webber – Assistant Principal
Birthday: Nov 14
Color: Orange, coral, red
Candy: Cadbury’s chocolate
Mint: Chocolate mint thins
Gum: Mint – no preference
Fast Food: Cava, CHOPT
Dining: Dresslers, Peppervine
Department Store: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus
Coffee: Starbucks
Tea: Earl Grey
Wine: Chardonnay (Oaky/Buttery)
Hobbies: Shopping/gym/walking
Movie Theater: Rarely go to the movies
Charity: Breast Cancer/American Heart Association
Special Dietary Needs: None
Other Favorites: Love to shop at Anthropologie 🙂


Devon Anderson – Primary TA
Birthday: July 17
Color: Dark Green
Candy: Reese’s Fast Break bar, York patties, any mint/gum
Dining: McDonald’s, The Roasting Company
Store: Amazon
Coffee/Tea: Dark roast coffee, Chai tea
Favorite Flavor: Coffee or chocolate
Wine: Dry red & white wine
Hobbies: Making art & crafts
Charity: Time Out Youth
Special Dietary Needs: I try not to eat sugar or carbohydrates (Keto diet)


Donna Lee– Exceptional Children Assistant
Birthday: December 30
Color: Blue
Candy: Lindt Chocolate
Mint: Butter Mints Soft
Gum:  Spearmint
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A
Dining: LongHorn SteakHouse
Department Store: Amazon
Tea: none
Wine: Riesling-White
Hobbies: Swimming, Traveling
Movie theater: Phillips Place
Charity: Cancer Foundation
Special dietary needs: none



Elise Byers – Lower El TA
Birthday: Nov 3
Color: Black
Candy: Extra Gum Polar Ice Flavor
Dining: Chick fil a, Starbucks, and iHop
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Marshalls, Rue21, & Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Coffee/Tea: Lipton Green Tea (decaf)
Wine/Beer: Red or White Wine (Sweet)
Hobbies/Collections: Writing, Singing, Roller Skating, & Adult Coloring
Charity: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)
Special Dietary Needs: n/a


Emily Hunsinger – Teaching Assistant
Birthday: November 18th
Color: Any Earth Tones
Dining: Living Kitchen, Common Market, Deejai Thai
Department Store/Place to Receive Gift Card: Food Lion or Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff
Coffee: N/A
Tea: Earl Gray and any herbal tea
Wine: Sauvignon Blanc and any blonde or pale ale
Hobbies: Watercolor painting, gardening, and my 3 pups
Charity: Diaper Bank of North Carolina
Special dietary needs: Crohn’s Disease and dairy allergy



Frank Smithwick – Physical Education
Birthday: May 8th
Color: Blue
Candy/Mints: Anything with peanut butter/wintergreen/altoids
Dining: JJ Red Hots, Mac’s, Shake Shack, Midwood Smokehouse
Department Store/Place to Receive Gift Card: Lowes, REI, Dicks Sporting Goods, Amazon
Coffee/Tea: Unsweet tea
Wine/Beer: Prefer Lagers and Ales (lighter in color, blonde)
Hobbies: Anything outside, hiking, walking, fishing, camping
Charity: Special Olympics
Special dietary needs: N/A



Gabrielle Sledge – School Counselor
Birthday: Sept 25
Color: Spa Green
Candy: Peppermint or Winter fresh Mints
Dining: Cava
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Amazon
Coffee/Tea: Green tea
Wine/Beer: Deep Eddy’s Vodka (plain/unflavored)
Hobbies/Collections: Yoga
Charity: Goodwill
Special Dietary Needs: Pescatarian



Heidi Kelly – TA Lower Elementary
Birthday: Oct. 29 Color: Cobalt Blue
Candy: Sour Patch Kids
Mint: Yuck
Gum: None
Fast Food: Chik-Fil-A
Dining: Zoe’s Kitchen
Department Store: Macy’s
Coffee: Starbucks (Cafe Mocha)
Tea: Anything organic
Wine: Most anything, low sulfite
Hobbies: YOGA, bicycling
Movie theater: Regal


Heather Ruckterstuhl – Upper El TA
Birthday: Aug. 16
Color: Green
Candy: Love! Chocolate
Mint: Yes
Gum: No
Fast Food: None
Dining: Fern
Dept. Store: Target
Coffee: Love! Starbucks, Caribou, Dilworth
Tea: Like.
Wine: Love! Malbec
Hobbies: Running, biking, hiking, knitting, reading, gardening
Collections: I strive to live ‘stuff free’
Movie Theater: Park Terrace
Charity: Dilworth Soup Kitchen, Friendship Gardens, Trees Charlotte
Special Dietary Needs: fish eating vegetarian = Pescatarian
Misc. Comments: I am grateful for all of the kind deeds and thoughtful gestures that parents and our PTO does for the staff at PRM.


Heather Simpson – Lower El Teacher
Birthday: April 29
Color: Green
Candy: Chocolate
Dining: Anything vegetarian
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Target
Coffee/Tea: Black coffee or herbal tea
Wine/Beer: No, thank you
Hobbies/Collections: Pottery, gardening, reading
Charity: Heifer International
Special Dietary Needs: Vegetarian


Hollie Edwards – Lower El TA
Birthday: December 25th
Color: Green
Candy/Mints: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Dining: Cava, Amelie’s
Department Store/Place to Receive Gift Card: Target
Coffee/Tea: Both, Chai Tea Latte
Wine/Beer: Wine
Hobbies: Reading, Hiking
Charity: Feeding Charlotte
Special dietary needs: N/A



Janet Simpson – Upper El TA
Birthday: Oct. 6
Color: Light blue & Teal Green
Candy/Gum/Mint: Jolly Ranchers/Peppermint/Mentos
Dining: Anything!
Tea/Coffee: Chai Latte
Wine/Beer: Moscato/Blue Moon
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Any!

Hobbies: Reading
Charity: The Parkinson Foundation
Dietary Restrictions: None


Jean Wren – Primary TA
Birthday: June 2
Color: Purples, pinks, brown
Candy: Dark Chocolate
Mint: Wintergreen
Gum: No, thank you, please
Fast Food: Wendys
Dept. Store: Target
Coffee: Soy caramel macchiato
Tea: Peppermint / Herbal
Wine: White muscadine
Hobbies: Crochet, camping
Movie Theater: Regal or anything showing Dr. Who
Charity: ;; Invest in your Child
I do not like: Jelly beans that are not black; Doritos of any sort


Jenny Cahan – Upper El TA
Birthday: November 5
Color: Blue
Candy/Gum/Mint: Anything
Dining: Yafo, Chopt
Tea/Coffee: Both
Wine/Beer: Pinot Noir
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Amazon, J Crew Factory, Target

Hobbies: Yoga, reading
Charity: –
Dietary Restrictions: None


Jenny Whitney – Lower El Teacher
Birthday: May 16
Color: Blue
Candy: Almond Horns from Suarez Bakery
Mint: All
Gum: Peppermint
Fast Food: Amelie’s or Viva Chicken
Dining: Sir Ed’s
Dept. Store: Target, Aveda
Coffee: Skinny Vanilla Latte
Tea: Kava, Stress Relief
Wine: Malbec, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc
Hobbies: Camping
Collections: Russian Nesting Dolls
Movie Theater: AMC
Charity: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Special Dietary Needs: Gluten Free



Kae Frazier
Birthday: Jan. 16
Color: Orange
Candy: Snickers
Mint: Any
Gum: Mint
Fast Food: Chick Filet
Dining:  ALL
Dept. Store: Target
Coffee: Caribou coffee
Tea: Yogi brand
Wine: Yes
Hobbies: Yoga, cooking, reading
Theater: AMC
Charity: Loaves and Fishes
Special Dietary Needs: None


Karen Fletcher – Upper El Teacher
Birthday: March 15
Color: Shades of Blue or Purple
Candy/Gum/Mint: Pur gum
Dining: Chic-fil-a, Viva Chicken
Tea/Coffee: Prefer dark coffee, black
Wine/Beer: Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Malbec
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Nordstrom, Marshall’s

Hobbies: Reading
Charity: Habitat for Humanity
Dietary Restrictions: None


Katie Weed – TD
Birthday:  August 14
Color: Purple
Candy/Gum/Mint: Dark chocolate
Dining: Viva Chicken, Chipotle
Tea/Coffee: Coffee- especially love local roasts
Wine/Beer: White wine or rum
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Amazon

Hobbies: Plants
Charity: Anything for children or animals
Dietary Restrictions: None- but prefer low carb, lean protein and veggie options


Kharyn Oliphant – Guest Teacher
Birthday: Feb 3
Color: Pink
Candy: Snickers
Dining: Chick-fil-A
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Target
Coffee/Tea: N/A
Wine/Beer: N/A
Hobbies/Collections: Hot wheels
Charity: Habitat for Humanity
Special Dietary Needs: None


Kim Bates – Upper El TA
Birthday:  February 19
Color: Purple, Blue
Candy/Gum/Mint: Chocolate & peanut butter, any mints
Dining: CFA, Macs Speed Shop, Enricho’s Pizza, Viva Chicken, Sir Ed’s
Tea/Coffee: Caramel High Rise – Caribou, decaf hot tea
Wine/Beer: Hard selzters (Vizzy)Non hard seltzers are good, too.
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Amazon, Target, Park Road Books, Caribou

Hobbies: Reading
Charity: National Kidney Foundation or KinderMourn
Dietary Restrictions: No coconut, pomegranate, grapefruit, or sushi


Kimberly Riddle – Literacy Specialist
Birthday: Nov. 7
Color: Pink
Candy: All Types
Mint: Yes
Gum: Yes
Fast Food: All Restaurants, No Preference.
Dining: All
Dept. Store: All Stores
Coffee: YES
Tea: Yes
Wine: Yes


Kristine Mahoney – Upper El Teacher
Birthday: Aug. 7th
Color: Blue
Candy/Gum/Mint: Dark chocolate
Dining: Chick Fil A and McAlister’s
Tea/Coffee: Coffee with dairy free creamer/All Tea
Wine/Beer: Prosecco
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Target
Hobbies: Yoga, Live music, reading, outdoor activities
Charity: Urban Ministry Center
Dietary Restrictions: Brazil nuts, dairy



Laura Slesinger – Administrative Secretary
Birthday: July 17
Color: Green
Candy: Peppermint, Dark chocolate
Dining: Chick Fil A; Cafe Monte
Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Starbucks/ Nordstrom
Coffee/Tea: Dark Coffee
Wine/Beer: Bourbon
Hobbies: Crossword Puzzles; reading; Yoga
Charity: Humane Society


Lauren Moore – Upper Elementary TA
Birthday: April 17
Color: Green
Candy/Gum/Mint: Andes Mint Chocolate, Swedish Fish
Dining: Cava, Viva Chicken, Sabor
Tea/Coffee: Herbal Teas
Wine/Beer: White wine, draft cider
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Target, Amazon
Hobbies: Camping, hiking, reading
Charity: Greater Charlotte Rise
Dietary Restrictions: Gluten free


Lauren Moore – ASEP Director
Birthday:  March 6
Color: Brown, Blue
Candy/Gum/Mint: Almond Joy/ Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum/ Gummies
Dining: Chick-Fil-A
Tea/Coffee: Carmel ice coffee w/ whipped cream 🙂
Wine/Beer: Muscadine wine or Red Moscato
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Amazon
Hobbies: Art Supplies-Drawing/ writing
Charity: St. Jude’s
Dietary Restrictions: None- but prefer low carb, lean protein and veggie options


Leslie Alexander – Lower El TA
Birthday: Sept. 25
Color: Pink
Candy: Kit Kat, Snickers, Twix (Did someone say chocolate?)
Mint: Peppermint with chocolate
Gum: Mentos
Fast Food: Chick-fil-A
Dining: China Buffet in Pineville
Dept. Store: Belk
Coffee: I usually like a little coffee with my French Vanilla 🙂
Tea: No Answer
Wine: ‘I want to go to Miami!’
Hobbies: Beading, scrapbooks
Movie Theater: Carolina Pavillion
Charity: Red Cross
Misc. Comments: Thank you for all that you do for us!


Lore Emelio – Guest Teacher
Birthday: March 10
Color: Pink
Candy: Watermelon Bubble gum & milk chocolate
Dining: Chick-fil-A
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Target, Amazon
Coffee/Tea: love coffee & tea (Harney & Sons) cinnamon
Wine/Beer: no thank you
Hobbies/Collections: cross stitch, fashion history, handmade bracelets (yarn, beads, child made)
Charity: PRM Montessori Marathon & Invest in Your Child
Special Dietary Needs: None


Lori Davidson – Behavior Modification
Birthday: Oct. 8
Color: Red/black
Candy: Snickers
Mint: Puff peppermint
Gum: Orbit (sweet mint)
Fast Food: MOE’s
Dining: Olive Garden
Dept. Store: Marshall’s, TJ Maxx
Coffee: None
Tea: Any flavored tea
Wine: None
Hobbies: Only have time to take children to dance & football practice
Movie Theater: EpiCenter
Charity: Breast Cancer
Special Dietary Needs: Vegetarian
Other Likes: Any dessert with chocolate & nuts
I do not like: Coconut



McKenzie Coleman – Music
Birthday: September 14th
Color: Black & Pink
Candy: Snickers, Skittles
Gum: Any minty gum except spearmint
Dining: Chipotle, Lang Van, Veltree
Coffee/Tea: Chai tea
Stores: Amazon, Target, Teachers Pay Teachers
Wine: Riesling / blonde ales / tequila and whiskey
Hobbies: Harry Potter, painting, houseplants
Charity: Time Out Youth, Samaritan House, Transcend Charlotte
Special Dietary Needs: Vegetarian


Melanie Francis – Principal
Birthday:  May 15
Color: Blue and Green
Candy: Chocolate
Dining: Chipotle, Jason’s Deli, Panera
Store: Amazon
Coffee: Starbucks
Tea: N/A
Wine: Beer for me-IPA
Hobbies: Reading, Hiking. Snow skiing
Charity: Humane Society
Special dietary needs: Vegetarian


Melissa Bubany – Upper El Teacher
Birthday:  August 2nd
Color:  Purple
Candy:  Gummy bears
Dining: Chick-fil-A, Roasting Company, I love all different kinds of places!
Store: Amazon, Marshalls, Love getting my nails done!
Coffee/Tea: Chai Tea Latte, White chocolate mocha
Wine: Rose, Sav. Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Vodka
Collections: Pens and sharpies
Charity: Safe Alliance
Special Dietary Needs: None

Melissa Jackson – Science Teacher
Birthday: March 11
Color: Bluish Green
Candy:  Chocolate
Dining: Taco Mama, Chopt
Store: All coffee places listed below!
Coffee/Tea: Love Caribou, Mugs, Waterbean, Amalies coffee
Wine/Beer: none
Hobbies:  knitting, chickening, camping, hiking
Charity: Southern Poverty Law Center, Equal Justice Initiative
Special Dietary Needs: None
Michelle Fleury – Upper El TA
Birthday:  June 25
Color: Blue
Candy/Gum/Mint: Extra Dark chocolate
Dining: Chick-fil-a
Tea/Coffee: Green tea
Wine/Beer: Red wine (any)
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Marshalls
Hobbies: Hiking/ outdoors/ travel
Dietary Restrictions: No Nuts or Soy

Melissa Toner – Library Media Specialist
Birthday:  July 8
Color: Blue
Candy: Skittles, Snickers, Reece’s Cups, milk chocolate (not dark)
Mint: Anything spearmint or peppermint
Gum:  No
Fast Food: Chick-Fil-A, Panera Bread, McAlister’s, Moe’s
Dining: Rooster’s Wood Fired Kitchen, Cantina 1511, Village Tavern, Mama Ricotta’s, Red Rocks
Department Store: Belk, Target, Marshalls/Home Goods, Amazon!!
Coffee: No
Tea: Yes, hot & cold, I like to brew my tea from tea leaves!
Wine: Yes 🙂
Hobbies: Reading, shopping, traveling
Collections: None
Movie Theater: Any
Charity: Loaves & Fishes
Special dietary needs: None
Other Favorites: Barnes & Noble
I do Not like….seafood, mushrooms, sensitive to some scented items
Misc Comments: Thank you!


Monique Musano – Upper El Teacher
Birthday: September 5
Color: Black
Candy/Mint/Gum: Natural gum without artificial sweetener. No aspartame or sucralose please.
Dining: No thank you
Place to Receive Gift Card: Visa, Mastercard, Amex
Coffee: Black
Wine: Malbec
Hobbies: Astronomy
Charity: Prevent Child Abuse
Dietary Restrictions: No aspartame, sucralose, or any artificial sweeteners



Pam Hamric – Lower El TA
Birthday:  January 19
Color: Blue
Candy/Gum/Mint: Skinny pop popcorn/chocolate anything
Dining: Pizza/Mexican/Chick-Fil-a/Mac’s Speed Shop
Tea/Coffee: Regular coffee medium blend black
Wine/Beer: Dry red wine/pale or amber ale beers/no other liquor
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Target/TJMaxx/Ross/Costco/Walmart
Hobbies: Enjoy walking and exercising
Charity: Any
Dietary Restrictions: Nothing with mayo


Patricia Kozek – Visual Arts
Birthday:  June 18
Color: Grey
Candy/Gum/Mint: Anything peanut butter or mint and gummies
Dining: Chipotle
Tea/Coffee: Coffee anything
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Target or Amazon
Hobbies: Music
Charity: Hospice
Dietary Restrictions: None


Pauline Ford – Literacy
Birthday: April 10
Color: Red, Orange, Green, Yellow
Candy/Gum: Sugarless Gum, Ice Cube
Dining: All
Coffee/Tea: None
Store/ Place to Receive Gift Card: Walmart


Priti Aery – Primary Teacher
Birthday: Aug. 22
Color: Purple
Candy: Chocolate with nuts
Fast Food: None
Dining: Cantina 1511
Dept. Store: Marshall’s
Coffee: Dunkin Donuts
Tea: PG Tips
Wine: None
Hobbies: Reading
Collections: Instrumental music
Theater: Regal
Charity: Heifer
Special Dietary Needs: Vegetarian
Misc. Comments: Thank you for treating us so nicely and making us feel special


Priya Ramanathan – Media Specialist
Birthday: Dec. 20
Color: Red, Yellow, Orange
Candy: Mint
Dining: Mexican and Mediterranean
Store: Amazon
Coffee/Tea: Decaf hazelnut coffee/ lemon ginger tea
Wine: No
Hobbies: Gardening, Hiking, cooking and reading
Charity: Salvation Army
Special Dietary Needs: No eggs or meat



Rose Grant – Primary TA
Birthday:  12/12
Color: Blue
Candy: Dark chocolate
Dining: Viva chicken
Store: Marshalls
Coffee: Coffee, caramel macchiato, oat milk
Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon
Hobbies: Reading, yoga, pedicures
Charity: St. Jude’s
Dietary Restrictions: No


Rosario Estrada – Head Custodian
Birthday:  April 11
Color: Orange
Candy/Gum/Mint: Hershey’s with almonds
Dining: Crispín chicken salad
Tea/Coffee: Coffee macchiato
Wine/Beer: Piña colada
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Walmart
Charity: Teach dance
Dietary Restrictions: Shrimp


Ruth Tencati – Primary
Birthday: May 4th
Color: Emerald Green
Candy/Gum: York Peppermint/ gum with actual sugar
Dining: Sante’; Cracker Barrel
Store/Place to Receive Gift Card: Amazon or LEGO
Coffee: Cold brew coffee with dark chocolate almond milk
Wine: Nope
Hobbies: LEGO, books, fabric, Fenton Hobnail, gardening
Collections: LEGO, books, Fenton glass
Charity: RAWL (Rappahannok Animal Welfare League) or Habitat for Humanity
Special dietary needs: Many allergies (full list in office)



Sara Bane – Lower El TA
Birthday: Oct 27
Color: Pink
Candy: Gobstoppers, Jolly Ranchers
Dining: Bojangles, Dominos
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Target
Coffee/Tea: Sweet Tea, Coca Cola
Wine/Beer: Malibu, sweet white wine
Hobbies/Collections: Colleen Hoover and puzzles
Charity: Animal Shelters
Special Dietary Needs: no


Sara Dorfner – Upper Elementary Master Math Teacher
Birthday: Oct 14
Color: red
Candy: reeses, starburst (reds), skittles, salted caramel chocolate, pretty much any chocolate…
Dining: Panera, Chick Fil A, local restaurants (I’d love recommendations), mexican
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Target, Amazon, DSW
Coffee/Tea: Black coffee (hot) from a local coffee shop
Wine/Beer: local craft beers
Hobbies/Collections: I love watching Ohio State Football and Hurricanes Hockey, I love journaling (colored pens, stickers)
Charity: America’s Mighty Warriors
Special Dietary Needs: none


Sarah Flohr – Upper El TA
Birthday: July 30
Color: Sage green & indigo
Candy: Sugar free Double Mint, Altoids, sour gummy worms
Dining: Yafo, Laurel Market, Rhino Market
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Local small business, Trader Joe’s, REI
Coffee/Tea: Waterbean Coffee, Dark roast coffee, love all teas
Wine/Beer: n/a
Hobbies/Collections: Plants, art, seashells
Charity: KinderMourn
Special Dietary Needs: Gluten-free


Sharilyn Seale-Banks – Lower El Teacher
Birthday:  10/22
Color:  Pink
Candy: Dark chocolate with almonds
Dining: Qdoba, Firehouse Subs, Chipotle, Wendy’s
Store: Target
Coffee/Tea: Caffeine Free Herbal Teas
Wine: Pinot Grigio
Hobbies: Walking
Charity: American Red Cross
Special dietary needs: None

Shauna Jendro – Facilitator
Birthday:  January 14
Color: Black, Purple
Candy/Gum/Mint: Chocolate
Dining: Chipotle, Yafo
Tea/Coffee: Coffee
Wine/Beer: Margaritas
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Target
Hobbies: Nature, photography, outdoor recreation
Charity: Homeless Shelter
Dietary Restrictions: None


Sherry Nobles – Lower El Teacher
Birthday: Sept. 26th
Color: Purple
Candy/Gum: Mounds (really any kind of candy)/ Peppermint / Trident gum
Store: Target
Department Store: Kohl’s
Coffee/Tea: Chai Tea Latte
Wine: None
Hobbies: Reading, gardening, baking and cooking
Charity: St. Jude


Stacy Williams – Upper El TA
Birthday: Oct 15
Color: Blue
Mint: Sugar-free Mint
Dining: Chipotle/Panera/CFA
Coffee: Black coffee
Wine/Beer: Vodka or Truly
Hobbies/Colections: Anything vintage or antique/milk glass/records
Store/Place to Receive Gift Card: Target/Old Navy/Massage/pedicure place
Charity: ASPCA
Special Dietary Needs: Keto (no starchy carbs or sugar) low carb
Stores: Target


Suzanne Piri – Resource
Birthday: Feb. 8
Color: Dark red, navy, black
Candy: Lindt dark chocolate bar 70-80% Cocoa
Mint: No
Gum: Bubble Gum
Fast Food: Cava, Yafo ,Sabor, Jason’s deli, Starbucks
Dining: Burtons, Mama Ricotta, Cantina
Dining: Cantina
Dept. Store: Target
Coffee: Regular coffee
Tea: No
Wine: No
Movie Theater: AMC or Phillip’s place



Teresa Lee-Hedlund – Lower El Teacher
Birthday: June 6
Color: Purple
Candy/Mint: Skittles, Starburst, dark chocolate, Spearmint
Dining: Viva Chicken, Panera, Chopt, Cowfish
Store/Place to Receive Gift Card: Disney, Amazon
Coffee/Tea: Starbucks mocha frappe with no whipped cream, McDonald’s sweet tea
Wine: None
Hobbies/Collections: Disney
Charity: St. Jude or Levine Children’s Hospital
Special dietary needs: None


Tiffany Davis – Primary TA
Birthday: Feb 28
Color: Dark Purple
Candy: Dark Chocolate
Dining: Panera
Favorite Place to Shop with a Gift Card: Trader Joes
Coffee/Tea: Cafe Americano or Oat Milk Latte
Wine/Beer: Red Wine/Amber Ales
Hobbies/Collections: Language learning (Mandarin Chinese) and Reading the Classics
Charity: Jehovah’s Witnesses
Special Dietary Needs: lactose intolerance



Valerie Murphy – Lower El TA
Birthday:  September 22
Color: All bright colors
Candy/Gum/Mint: Dark Chocolate, Gummies, sour candy, peppermint gum
Dining: Panera, Zaby’s, Mc Allister’s
Tea/Coffee: Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Lemon Ginger, Peppermint tea
Wine/Beer: Prosecco, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Dark reds
Department Store/Place to Receive a Gift Card: Marshall’s, Publix
Hobbies: Reading, Word search, adult coloring books
Charity: Foster kids
Dietary Restrictions: None