School Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my child keep the same classroom teacher if enrolled in the CMS Remote Academy?
    CMS Remote Academy students will be grouped together and taught by a separate teacher. Inevitably there will be some shifting in all classes after the Remote Academy enrollment closes and we know which students are in each option. Your decision should be based on what you are comfortable with for your family and not the teacher assignment as all of them are subject to change.

  • Will CMS Remote Academy students be taught by a Park Road teacher?
    It is our hope that they will but in some cases based on enrollment, we could be paired with other schools.

  • If I have a vacation planned during my child’s in person time can I change their group?
    The A, B, C groupings are set by the district and cannot be changed. School starts for everyone on August 17th whether they are in person or remote.

  • If my child does not attend on their in person days will they automatically have to be in the CMS Remote Academy?
    The decision to enroll in the CMS Remote Academy should be based on families wanting a guarantee that their kids will be able to have remote learning for at least the first semester if not all year even when CMS moves to plan B and/or plan A. Being absent for the A, B, or C rotation at the start of school does not mean the child has to enroll in the Remote Academy.

  • Will you take siblings into consideration when grouping?
    Siblings will be assigned to the same rotation even if they are in different schools.

  • Can I still get a device for my child?
    We will communicate opportunities for technology check-out closer to the start of school.

  • What will staggered entry look like for Pre-K students?
    We will use the A, B, and C groupings as our staggered entry plan. We will be using this time to assess new students and will make form classes at the end of the 2 week in person period.

  • When is Open House?
    For returning students in grades K-6, we will hold a virtual open house on August 13th at 11:30. For Pre-K students and new Kindergarteners we will hold a separate open house after the first 2 weeks when you will find out the teacher assignment.

  • If my child is an incoming Pre-K can I defer my enrollment until next year?
    You cannot defer enrollment. Any Pre-K’s who do not attend this year will have their spot given to the next person on the waitlist. You would have to reenter the magnet lottery for next year or attend the home school. We have very few openings in Kindergarten.

  • Will tuition be waived for Pre-K students?
    We cannot waive tuition. It is part of the funding required to pay teacher salaries. You may wish to opt for the half day option and then switch to full day when/if we return to in person instruction.

  • Will virtual instruction look the same as the spring?
    All students in grades K-12 will work in Canvas this year. There will be more accountability for attendance and assessments. We are working to have more consistency across classrooms.