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JeanneSauder2014 Ms Jeanne Sauder, Primary Teacher
I grew up here in Charlotte. I am so fortunate that my parents and two sisters still live here, too. I majored in German at The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee and graduated having never even heard of Montessori. A short while later I met someone who was a Montessori teacher. When she described to me what she did, I think a light bulb literally appeared over my head as I realized that helping young children learn according to the Montessori philosophy was exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I took my Montessori Primary training in Washington, D.C. and eight years later took the Montessori Infant-Toddler training in Denver, Colorado. I taught for ten years at a private Montessori school before joining CMS when the first public Montessori school in North Carolina opened at Amay James in 1992. That means I have been teaching for over 30 years, but I really don’t feel that old! My husband and I have one daughter who is currently a junior at Myers Park High School. We also have one tail-less cat who gets into more trouble than a child ever could.
JillOwens2014 Ms Jill Owens, Primary TA
After growing up near the coast in eastern North Carolina, I attended Appalachian State before ending up in Charlotte. I was first introduced to Montessori through Mr. Curt’s wife after I had worked with her son in a program at the YMCA. I worked for three years as a lower elementary assistant with Anna Hurdle at Amay James Montessori until I had my daughter. Returning to Montessori five years later , I joined Ms. Jeanne’s class at Park Road. The days I am not at PRM are usually spent helping out at the Dilworth Soup Kitchen. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and spending time outside with my family James, Grace , and our husky Sobaka.

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Ms Jeanne's Class 12-2013

Ms Jeanne's Class 12-2013 Ms Jeanne's Class 12-2013 Ms Jeanne's Class 12-2013 Ms Jeanne's Class 12-2013 Ms Jeanne's Class 12-2013

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Resources for Parents

For toys and learning materials that are compatible with Montessori, I recommend the following catalogs:

Recommended books for Montessori parents

  • MONTESSORI MADNESS by Trevor Eissler  (all about the Montessori philosophy from a Montessori dad’s point of view)
  • CHILD OF THE WORLD: MONTESSORI GLOBAL EDUCATION FOR AGE 3-12 by Susan Mayclin Stephenson  (concise descriptions of the activities in a Montessori classroom)
  • MONTESSORI READ & WRITE—A PARENT’S GUIDE TO LITERACY FOR CHILDREN by Lynne Lawrence  (great suggestions for literacy activities at home)
  • CHILDREN THE CHALLENGE by Rudolf Dreikurs  (an oldie but goodie: how to discipline lovingly and humanely)
  • LAST CHILD IN THE WOODS by Richard Louv  (discusses the importance of children spending time in nature)
  • PUNISHED BY REWARDS by Alfie Kohn  (rewards are detrimental to a child’s self-motivation)
  • MITTEN STRINGS FOR GOD: REFLECTIONS FOR MOTHERS IN A HURRY by Katrina Kenison  (my personal favorite when my daughter was primary-aged)

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