Upper El Autobell Fundraiser

Parents: If you would like to pay for the tickets you have purchased/sold for this year’s Autobell fundraiser online, you may do so below. Please have your customers pay you directly, and then you submit the total here, so that we can keep track of which child should get credit for the sale.

If you chose this option, you are responsible for the covering the Paypal fee for the convenience. Please do not charge this to customers.

Please choose your student’s teacher from the dropdown menu and then fill in your student’s name. If your student is not in Upper El, please indicate “other” and include their teacher’s name in the “Name” box.

Once you click “Add to Cart,” you can choose the number of tickets for which you need to pay. You may use a Paypal account or your credit card.

If you would like to contribute to the Upper El Field Trip Fund directly (no gift cards), you can do so below in $5 increments. Click “add to cart” and from there you can select the the amount you’d like to give in multiples of $5.